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Customer Support​

Dixon Road - Unit 10

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Customer Support​

We are your

What if a single company could take care of the
maintenance of your company so that you can
focus on the core of your business?

JH World services is a holding company dedicated entirely to providing services to other companies

To provide optimal and efficient support through our portfolio of services for large, small and medium-sized companies.

To be recognized internationally as an important ally for large, small and medium-sized companies for which we provide support through our portfolio of services.

– Honesty
– Responsibility
– Transparency
– Listening
– emotionality
– punctuality
– Loyalty


From the beginning, JH World Services was conceived on key principles that have sustained its history. These have their origin in honesty and perseverance, as values that underpin its actions as a company. As a central idea, its founder put together a corporate proposal that is successful because of its human structure and a teamwork model to cover the needs of Staffing, cleaning, supplies and catering services.

What we like to transmit to our clients and partners is that they are in front of a company that strives to serve in the most integral way and with results that satisfy them and make us feel proud. For that reason, more than providing a service, we strive to give you peace of mind. That is why we exist for, you to be confident in what we do.

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